GAIN $5/25 Dollar General Scenario #deannadeals

GAIN $5/25 Dollar General Scenario #deannadeals

GAIN $5/25 Dollar General Scenario #deannadeals

6/20 All Digital $5/25 Dollar General Scenario! I had these coupons on one account. You will pay $11.80! This is just a deal idea, you can make a deal for whatever you need. Clip all your coupons.  Make sure you double check the prices and the coupons attach. You can do this in the Dollar General App.
I know some people have trouble with the $5/30 Gain and $5/25 Dollar General coupon attaching. Type in your phone number while the cashier is scanning. If the $5/25 digital coupon doesn’t come off, have them scan the paper coupon. As long as you hit the $25 threshold it will still scan after all other coupons.

Have the cashier scan the items in the order listed.  

Gain Dryer Sheets (34 ct.) $2.00
Gain Fabric Softener (41 oz.) or Dryer Sheets (105 ct.) $3.95
Flings (51 ct.) $13.95
Fireworks (5.7 oz.) $3.95
Gain Essential Oils $3.95
(2) Gain Dish Washing Liquid (21.6 oz.) $2.00 each
Total: $31.80
$5/30 Gain Digital Coupon
$5.25 Dollar General Coupon
$1/1 Gain Dryer Sheets Digital  Coupon
$2/1 Gain Fabric Softener Digital Coupon
$4/1 Gain Flings Digital Coupon
$2/1 Gain Fireworks Digital Coupon
$1/2 Gain Dish Washing Liquid Coupon
Pay: $11.80

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  Shopper Tip: If you are new to shopping at Dollar General on Saturdays, there are some things you can do to make your trip go smoothly.  Make sure your total is $25.00 before taxes and after Instant Savings. If you can, scan the items in the Dollar General app to make sure they are still attaching. 

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