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What the HECK Is Brickseek, and how can it help me save money?  If this is you, then you had better sit down and get ready, because this guide is here to help!  Shoppers all over the internet are saving BIG money on clearance items at their local Walmart stores using Brickseek.  You may see them posting about UPC’s, SKU’s and Inventory and wonder how it could possibly ever help you, and what it all means!

Brickseek is a website that offers an inventory checking tool.   Shoppers can use this tool to check out the status of clearance items in their local stores.  What does this all mean for you? It’s pretty simple!

Imagine if you could jump online and check to see if your store was offering that awesome deal you saw posted on your timeline without actually having to go to the store. Brickseek can help you to do that.  Have you ever seen a clearance price posted, only to arrive to the store to find that the price was NOT reduced at your local store?  Brickseek can help with that!

Brickseek’s inventory checker is user friendly and helpful in more ways than one!  You can use the site to discover what items are on clearance at your store, OR to see if a specific item is on clearance.  You can also use the tool to find out roughly how many clearance items are remaining in your store.  Check it out! We can go through it step by step together

Want to Save With Coupons?  Let’s learn Brickseek First!

  1. Jump online and go to the Brickseek site
    You will see something like this:

    2. You can start by entering your zipcode into the search bar at the lower part of the welcome banner, this will pull up deals that are going on NOW at your local store! Cool, right?  By scrolling through the deals you can see items that interest you are rock bottom clearance prices!  You can also find out how many there are at your store!

3.  Next, you can find specific items.  If you see someone online posting about a clearance deal that they found, you can use Brickseek to see if YOUR store has that same item, at the same (or a BETTER) Price.  There are several ways to do this.  If the shopper posted a UPC, or the SKU, you can enter those into the search tool, along with your zipcode, for fast results.

4.  Another way to search an item is to utilize the search bar, you can type general terms like ‘IPad’ or ‘Bluetooth Speaker’.  Brickseek will generate a list of results and you can scroll through to find the item you were looking for.

5. Brickseek is FREE!  You can choose to pay for a subscription, however for searches such as the ones described above, you do NOT need membership

6.  You can use Brickseek to check inventory and clearance prices for a variety of stores, including Walmart, Target, BJ’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Macy’s, CVS, and Staples

**Brickseek Users Tip** While Brickseek offers accurate information to the very best of their ability, keep in mind that inventory results can vary.

**HOT Coupon Tip**

WHY Buy In Multiples?  

One of the things that many people struggle with is the WHY? Why do couponers buy SO MANY of the same item?  In this case, we would purchase as many as we need, and that our budget would allow because there is no limit on this deal!  In other cases, we purchase multiples to ensure that we can make it through until the next great sale!  NO ONE should have to pay full price if they don’t want to! Stock up NOW to save later!  That’s the couponing way!

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