$5/25 Dollar General Scenario~$7.00

$5/25 Dollar General Scenario~$7.00


$5/25 Dollar General Scenario~$7.00

1/15 $5/25 Dollar General Scenario~$7.00. This is just an idea, you can make a deal for whatever you need. Clip all your coupons. The prices are based on my store. Make sure you double check the prices and the coupons attach while you are in the store. 


Cottonelle Bath Tissue (12 rolls) $5.00
Scott Paper Towels (6 rolls) $5.50
Scott Bath Tissue (12 rolls) $5.00
Mucinex $5.50
Crest Toothpaste (5.7 Oz) $2.00
Centrum Vitamins $5.00
Total: $28.00
$3.00 Instant Savings when you spend $15 on Scott and Cottonelle
$5/25 Dollar General Coupon
$1/1 Scott Digital Coupon
$1/1 Cottonelle Digital Coupon
$5/1 Mucinex Digital Coupon
$2/1 Crest Digital Coupon
$4/1 Centrum Digital Coupon
Pay: $7.00

Submit receipt to Fetch Rewards for points. If you don’t have Fetch rewards, sign up here and receive 2000 points ($2.00)  when you scan your first receipt. 

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Shopper Tip:

If you are new to shopping at Dollar General on Saturday, there are some things you can do to make your trip go smoothly.  Make sure your total is $25.00 before taxes and after Instant Savings. If you can, scan the items in the Dollar General app to make sure they are still attaching.  

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