HURRY! Walmart $20 off $30 Grocery Pickup Order

****** UPDATE 5/6 4:15p EST: OFFER EXPIRED ******

With everything going on, I’ve been using Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service for the past few weeks to do my grocery shopping online -no need to step foot in the store. Let me say, it’s AMAZING! Even after this is all over, I’m definitely going to continue to utilize this service. Quick, easy, painless -drive up, drive off.

Now, you can score HUGE savings when you shop Walmart Grocery Pickup online. There’s a scorching HOT coupon code that will take $20 off an order of $30 or more. This coupon applies to RETURNING and/or NEW customers. I already had an account and was able to apply it to my order.

⇒ Don’t have an account?… go HERE to sign up for a free account.

⇒ Already have an account?… go HERE to log in.

Then, use promo code VISITORS at checkout to score $20 off $30+ of groceries & select other pickup items! Another promo code to try for the same offer is FRESHCAR.

Even better, the code may be valid for multiple uses. Staci S from I Pay with Coupons at Walmart Facebook group commented I did it twice in a row. Two different orders on the same account.” Thanks for the heads up Staci!

Hurry and use this code right away! There’s no telling if it’s limited use and/or may expire quickly! Note: Pickup days/times are likely to be 2-3 days out from ordering

thanks hip2save

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It didn’t work for me. 😔

Hi! Sorry you’re having trouble. What happened when you entered the code?

Sorry Luralee. The deal went quick. It is no longer available. We updated the post.

I did it right away and it didn’t work for me either

It worked for a lot of people. It didn’t work for some. And some got their orders and some had their orders cancelled. It’s a chance we take on those kinds of deals :)

Not working says can not apply

Not working tried both triwd different items..
Says cant not apply and not valid code ???

Sorry Julie the deal is no longer available. It went quick. We have updated the post

It worked for me. But tonight I went back in the app to review my order, and they had changed the promo code to – $10 instead of – $20!! And now for some reason my bank account has a hold for a total of $37 instead of the $12 it told me earlier! This is a disaster.

Thank you for reaching out. I checked my order also and it still shows -$20 promo code (at least for time being!) and my card was charged correct amount after discount. Are you sure VISITORS promo code applied to your order? If you’re a new user, perhaps it didn’t and only applied the $10 new customer offer? They should have sent you a receipt by email where you can see how the order was processed -may also be in ‘spam’ folder. Another option is that can always cancel your order altogether if you prefer. There’s an option on the website and/or Walmart Grocery app to do, as long as you do it prior to 1:45a on date of order pickup. (once logged in, go to ORDER HISTORY & click on order number; it should have ‘Cancel Order’ option at bottom). Hope that helps!


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