Dollar General Penny Shopping What You Need To Know! #deannasdeals

Dollar General Penny Shopping What You Need To Know! #deannasdeals

Dollar General Penny Policy What You Need To Know! #deannasdeals

So you’ve heard about Penny Shopping at Dollar General and want to know more! YES you can purchase items for a penny at Dollar General!  Penny Shopping takes time and effort. Study the posts in the group, make sure the UPC matches the item. The items are clearanced out, so simple details make a big difference.

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We will post the New Penny List on Monday of each week.

Never ask a Dollar General Employee about Penny Items! These are items that are supposed to be removed.

Dollar General follows a pattern for their discounted items. Usually 25%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 90%, $.25, $.10 (this may vary slightly). When items “penny out” they are suppose to be pulled off the shelves by the employees. This is where the treasure hunt or scavenger hunt begins! If the employees do not remove the items, they are fair game.  The markdowns usually occur on Tuesday mornings.

Penny Shopping Rules: 

  1. DO NOT Ask where the penny items are or if they have any penny items. We are not supposed to know about them.
  2. DO NOT argue with an employee stating that an item should be a penny.
  3. DON’T  ask for a price check. Scan the item with the DG APP.  If  you get to the register and it does not ring a penny, tell the cashier you do not want the item. I always tell the cashier I will put  it back.
  4. LOOK HIGH AND LOW  Penny Items can be anywhere! Look at the items on the top shelves and underneath the bottom shelves.
  5. GRAB ALL THE ITEMS If you find a penny item, grab all of them. Once you get to the register and the items rings for a penny,  you are not allowed to go back for more. After you leave the employee is required to remove any other items from the shelf. So if you find them, GRAB THEM ALL.
  6. DO NOT leave the store a mess. Put items back where you found them.
  7. Penny shopping takes time and effort  Do your homework before going into a store, screen shot tags and items on your phone. Items have to match exactly, not just the picture.
  8. KNOW  THE POLICY – Be familiar with the store policy on penny items. (attached below) Screen Shot it and have with you!!
  9. NEVER call corporate about Penny Items. You may contact the District Manager and let them know that you had items ring for a penny and the cashier/store manager refused to sell them to you.
  10. DO NOT  Tell the employees how you learned about the Penny Items. I usually just say I scanned the item. With that being said, employees do get to know who their regular penny shoppers are.

If you love Videos, I highly recommend Christa’s Channel. She is who I get all my info from and I post the Penny List from her website weekly.

Dollar general penny policy

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There’s never anything at any stores. And I’ve scanned everything in the store just about. Especially what I see others post.

It sounds like the stores are doing their job. The items are supposed to be pulled. Don’t give up! The small details matter. It has to be the exact upc.


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